Skye Bank sets to take its reach for the Skye millionaire reward to IBADAN, open any savings account and deposit 10,000 you can also be a winner there are Ts n Cs

Monday, 12 June 2017


The date and venue have been finally fixed , more winners will still emerge ,Open a savings account and maintain a minimum balance of 10,000 for 30 daysReactivate your account and maintain a minimum balance of 10,000 for 30 days
For existing account holders increase your account balance in multiple of 10,000 and maintain it for 30days

Friday, 9 June 2017


Giving back to our customers has now been taken to the next level, if we can recall the season 1, not all saving account can participate in the reach for the skye millionaire reward , now all savings acount except skye rainbow can now participate, all you need to do is to open any of these savings accounts and make deposit of 10,000 or multiple of 10,000 in order to  increase  your chances of winning, you can as well activate your existing savings account and make the deposit to qualify. What are you waiting for? you can also be a winner.make your enquiries in any of Skye bank branches.

Wednesday, 7 June 2017


Skye Bank has recently upgraded its skye mobile app now available in all app stores depending on your devices, it is more saver,more reliable and more convenient read further in the picure below:

Monday, 29 May 2017


Cancer of the breast is one of the diseases commonly found in women ,in fact the Government of every  country is putting in its best to ameliorate this deadly disease if it could not be totally controlled , the cost and trauma of managing chemotherapy is even frustrating and most time it leads to death if not noticed and treated on time .Apart  from Governmental agencies, alot of NGOs and  individual volunteer are  also putting in their best to campaign against this deadly disease among one of them is SISTER ABIMBOLA QUADREE who has  decided in her very tight schedule to join  them in campaigning  against this deadly disease kindly visit her Facebook page to read further at

Saturday, 27 May 2017

Introducing Mama Habiba P. Kwajaffa's new Album's Hit tracks

A Jerusalem pilgrimage, mama  Habiba is a gospel singer whose effort in the gospel music could not be overemphasized, she used her music to turn around many people's lives in Biu metropolis and Borno State  at large, you need to get her new album titled RANAR UBANGIJI with 9 hit tracks directed by Isaac J Barka, featuring Blessing and Victoria (Omo to porch and sexy) you need to listen to the sonorous voices of these two delectible daughters of mum Habiba, very soon Vicky will soon drop her single album and am sure you are not going to be disappointed.

Friday, 26 May 2017

Introducing the winner of BBNIJA 2017 EFE Michael Ejeba

Efe was finally decleared as the winner of BBNIJA 2017  following his emergence as one of the last five that got to the finale.The bloke has been putting up his best since February 22 when the house was set for the house mates, Efe won some of the competitions while he also emerged as Head of House on different weeks, he was only the house house who was opportuned to be the captain in the house, Ultimate Head of house just to mention but few of  many of his quantum of achievement while he was in the house.

Bisola, the first runner up was also very hilarious in the house while her command of English grammar and her high level of intelligence could not be overemphasized, these have unarguably assisted her in her career and to emerge as the winner of's quiz competition, she has featured in many movies and still featuring in more of them, this multitalented single mother has auditioned for BBNIJA up to 9 times before she finally made it this year.look forward to getting more  about the BBnija's house mates and lots more

Sunday, 25 September 2016

Solution Center

Are you using a bold 5 verizon blackberry phone? And you have been finding it difficult to send text messages and it's always giving you an unidentified subdcriber, post your comment here,i  will  direct you on what to do